General conditions



"The Client" may make his reservation through the website of "EL NAWAL", by telephone or external platforms. You will receive confirmation of it in writing as soon as possible, preferably via e-mail or mobile messaging.

If you wish to make a reservation, you will need to provide dates and the ability to check accommodation availability. Fill in the reservation details and make the prepayment of 40% of the reservation value by bank card.

The price indicated on the website corresponds to the amount for the days indicated regardless of the number of tenants, as long as they do not exceed the maximum capacity.

If you have a promotional code, you must provide it at the time you fill in your details and it will be applied immediately, before making the payment.

If you want any extra service such as a cot, etc ... you must also request it at the time of filling in your details, which must be paid together with the rental amount.

Once the reservation is made, you will receive a confirmation e-mail, and later, after confirming the payment, we will send you the rental contract along with the necessary information for the day of arrival.

The minimum stay will vary depending on the season.


The prices published by "EL NAWAL" are per night and accommodation on the dates indicated.

PAYMENT METHOD: Payment of the remaining amount will be made exclusively in Euros on the day of arrival in cash, by bank card or transfer (Only Visa and MasterCard are accepted).

EXTRAS SERVICES: We only include an extra cleaning as a courtesy for a minimum stay of 7 nights. Expenses such as extra cleaning from the seventh night such as changes of bed linen, towels, etc., are not included in the total rental price.

LAST MINUTE RESERVATIONS: In case of making the reservation less than 1 day before the arrival date, you must make the payment of 100% of the amount by means of a bank card.

PRE-PAYMENT: "EL NAWAL" reserves the right to cancel the reservation in the event that the prepayment of 70% of the amount of the lease has not been made within the aforementioned period of 48 hours.


"EL NAWAL" publishes the descriptions and prices of the leases on its website. "The client" must have been informed of all the services to use, benefits and characteristics of the accommodation before making the reservation to avoid possible setbacks. "EL NAWAL" is an accommodation located in a rural area where there are domestic animals such as cats. Not recommended for people who cannot live with them.


HOURS AND PLACE: The entry into the rented house must be made between 3 pm and 8 pm on the day the lease begins, having to leave the home before 10 am on the last day of the end of the lease. To modify this timetable you must make prior request and we will try to adapt to your needs but we do not guarantee the change since we depend on the occupancy of the moment. In this regard, "EL NAWAL" will duly inform the "Client" about the delivery and collection of the keys by message.

NECESSARY DOCUMENTS: At the time of check-in, the client must provide the name and ID number or passport and essential documents of the tenants who will occupy the accommodation, in case the information has not been provided previously.

NO SHOW: In the event that "The Client" for reasons beyond the control of "EL NAWAL" could not occupy the house on any of the agreed rental days (late entry or early departure), "EL NAWAL" will charge the entire stay and will not make any refund to "The Client".

EXTENSION OF THE STAY: If "The Client" wishes to extend the stay, it must be requested as soon as possible, being confirmed or denied by "EL NAWAL" depending on the availability of accommodation.


If the client changes the dates, it will be understood as a new reservation and will be subject to the cancellation conditions.

In case of modification due to Covid-19, THE CLIENT must inform in time and form attaching documentation and El NAWAL will restore the new dates according to calendar availability.


"The Client" may cancel the reservation prior to the start date of the lease, with the following penalties:

* Before 30 days to the start date of the stay, a full refund will be made.

* If you book when there are less than 30 days before the start of your stay, you can cancel in the first 48 hours after making the reservation and you will receive a full refund if there are 15 days left until the start of your stay.

* After that period, you will receive a 50% refund if you cancel up to 9 days before arrival. If you cancel later, you will not be able to receive a refund.

* If you want to CHANGE DATES send us a message and we will treat your case according to the causes you send us.

The cancellation will be considered made from the moment "EL NAWAL" has received it in writing.


CAPACITY: The number of people with access to the rented house will be those that appear in the reservation confirmation with a maximum of 2 counting in this regard 1 maximum baby of 18 months. Therefore, if the agreed number is exceeded, "EL NAWAL" may prevent access to it and / or the termination of the contract.

PETS: Pets will only be accepted if a permit has been previously granted and a deposit has been made, which will be returned 48 hours after checkout if the house and its facilities are found in the same conditions as before the corresponding Check-in.

MODERATE CONSUMPTION: We remind you that water in our area is a scarce resource, so customers are asked to consume water moderately. Clients must turn off the lights and any other electronic device that they do not use when leaving the accommodation.

DAMAGE: "The Client" is obliged to take care of the home, its furniture, fixtures and installations, keys or remote controls. And where appropriate, to pay the amount of damage or loss that may have been caused to the home as a whole due to its misuse. "EL NAWAL" reserves the right to charge said amounts on the previously provided bank card.

SECURITY: We advise making sure to close all the windows and doors when leaving the accommodation, we remind you that thefts will not be the responsibility of "EL NAWAL".

SMOKERS: It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the houses

CLEANING: At the end of the lease "The Client" is obliged to leave the house in the same state of order and cleanliness in which it was received upon arrival (for guidance: clean dishes and placed on the corresponding shelves, refrigerator without remains of groceries, garbage deposited in the corresponding containers, etc.), all this even if cleaning was included in the rental price. "EL NAWAL" reserves the right, in the event of non-compliance with the above, to deduct the amount necessary for extraordinary cleaning expenses.

BED LINEN, TOWELS AND ACCESSORIES: All accommodations have bedding, bath towels, washbasin per person, shower gel, hair dryer, first-aid kit, equipped kitchen and basic utensils.

GARBAGE: Garbage must be deposited in bags inside the street containers closest to home. You should not leave garbage inside or outside the apartment, landing, corridors, communal areas, etc.

COMMUNITY RULES: "The Client" undertakes to respect the rules of coexistence with the rest of the residents of the property where the house is located, as well as the rules of the Community of owners. Please respect the rest hours, basically from 10pm to 10am. and civic conduct. In case of receiving complaints from neighbours or the police, "EL NAWAL" reserves the right to require clients to immediately abandon the accommodation and the client will not be entitled to any type of compensation, losing the amount of the reservation paid, and the deposit delivered on arrival. Likewise, "EL NAWAL" may reserve the right to admit guests to future stays.


Despite the fact that "EL NAWAL" rigorously controls the state of the homes, if there is an assumption that there is any damage to the rented home, "The Client" must immediately notify "EL NAWAL" (Telephone (+34) 678269226 or in our contact form) within a maximum period of 24 hours from the check-in. "EL NAWAL" is not responsible for any claim that has not been raised within this period.


ALTERNATIVE OR CANCELLATION: If the reserved dwelling presents serious deficiencies that prevent its normal use, cases of force majeure or supervening impossibility for the lease, "EL NAWAL" undertakes to find an alternative solution of similar characteristics and price. If this is unfeasible due to lack of available housing or because "The Client" rejects the proposals offered, all or part of the amount of the reservation will be reimbursed depending on the time they have stayed in the accommodation, without any additional liability being attributed to "EL NAWAL".

VARIOUS RESPONSIBILITIES: "EL NAWAL" will not assume any responsibility in the following cases:

  1. Negligence or omission of services attributable to third parties.
  2. Theft in the home and its facilities.

d) Damages to people or things caused by force majeure, unforeseen setbacks or third parties, for which neither "EL NAWAL" nor its representatives can respond.

ECONOMIC LIABILITY: In any case, "The Client" accepts that the economic liability of "EL NAWAL" for eventual moral damages that may be caused, will be limited to the total amount paid for the lease.

INFORMATION ON THE LOCATION: Regarding the general information provided for each location (means of transport, shops, restaurants, sports facilities, etc.), "EL NAWAL" is not responsible for any variations that may arise later, nor for their perfect correspondence with reality, as well as the interruptions that could occur in satellite television services or variations in the programming of said channels.

In summary, "EL NAWAL" will not be responsible for damages caused by elements beyond our control.


Once the reservation of a home has been made, the general conditions indicated above will come into force, which will govern the seasonal home rental contract between "The Client" and the owner of said home "EL NAWAL".

These general terms and/or contracting conditions are governed by the Spanish Law. For any matter derived from the interpretation and effects of the lease contract and these general conditions, the parties voluntarily submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals that correspond to the municipality of Puerto del Rosario, expressly waiving any other that may correspond to them.




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