Environmental hygiene & surfaces

Air quality, health and well-being.

El Nawal is being treated with Ozone.

We invest in security measures for the eradication of viruses and pathogens. We have Homologated equipment that complies with the CE market and UNE 400-201-94 regulations on chemical safety and adequate dosage. Made in Spain.

We guarantee a totally healthy stay. Our spaces and surfaces are always prepared with the highest quality cleaning and disinfection, at the level of the best accommodations.

villas en Lajares desinfección con Ozono
desinfección de villas con Ozono
villas el Nawal

Advanced cleaning

We disinfect all surfaces, including those with frequent contact such as doorknobs.

We use approved products with at least 70% alcohol.

We thoroughly clean each room.

We wear masks and gloves.

All our textiles are washed at maximum temperatures by a qualified company in the laundry sector.

We respect the rest of local guidelines and additional safety and / or cleaning recommendations.

Independent saltwater pools with air conditioning

Saltwater pool reduces eye irritation, reduces skin dryness, even prevents the appearance of wrinkles.

Comfort and top quality.

Simply, bathing in a salty pool is more than a joy and if you add air conditioning like ours, it is simply… WOW!

Hygiene and health

Greater water disinfection


Increased durability

More comfort

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El Nawal

The Oasis of Fuerteventura