My story

I am Patricia Aguilar,

Entrepreneur woman, mother, yogi, therapist and doula.

hostess Villas Fuerteventura

Most of my life has been spent in big cities, surrounded by people moving at a frenetic pace. I have developed as a businesswoman supporting a long-standing project related to sports in the sea... We have always been passionate about the ocean.

Our trips and escapes have constantly been in search of silence and nature in its wildest expression, this together with our water sports gave us all the energy to continue. It was becoming increasingly difficult to return to the imbalance that the capital and its disorderly order generated us.

We went in search of a dream, to live a life where we did not need a vacation ... And we went for it!

We moved from the city to the country, being born again and re-building ourselves. Thus we begin our new adventure surrounded by volcanoes, wild beaches, nature and a lot of silence. Fuerteventura is one of the most impressive islands that exists on the face of the Earth. Here at our EL NAWAL farm we are dedicated to hosting people by offering you a Wellness experience by giving a high-quality intimate service.

We combine this occupation with the rest of parallel activities related to therapies and accompaniment, among others. Our inspiration was to create an Oasis of Silence where all the interior noise stops, make you feel at home, enjoy rest and nature.

We are full of treasures for the day to day.

Since then, what I most want is that all the people who cross our path live a magnificent experience in a special, close and safe environment, which allows you to forget all the problems that sometimes rob us of sleep.

I feel very fortunate to have been able to discover the great purpose of my life:

Offer you love and care so that your world is kinder.

Villa Fuerteventura - Lajares
Apartamentos con piscina privada en Lajares
Villa en Lajares Fuerteventura
Villa con piscina en Fuerteventura

El Nawal

The Oasis of Fuerteventura