Manifesto, El Nawal.

A unique comprehensive concept. We are much more than accommodation.

Enjoy the simple

EL NAWAL was born of two free souls that have broken from everything that no longer makes sense. It was born from the need to live enjoying a simple life, to remain in the present moment: here, now, like this.

Pure Lifestyle, without complications.

El Nawal Fuerteventura
Villa Privada Fuerteventura

Every second of life is a gift

We fully believe that all beings were born to experience a full life, full of the abundance that the very fact of being alive gives us. Over the years, I have discovered that we can find totality in the silence of a night full of stars, resting our feet in warm water, the aroma of an essential oil...

You just need to be attentive.


villas el Nawal
villas el Nawal


We take care of you, your experience begins when you have found us. We have everything ready to welcome you. We have taken into account the state of mind that we want to evoke and that is why we have used different knowledge to adapt and improve the atmosphere using the psychology of light, influence of the movement of energies in spaces, chromotherapy and aromatherapy that invite you to relax.

We have taken our time to understand the place, the nature that inhabits it, the orientation and its own character. Our Oasis of Silence was built conscientiously, with much love, pampering every detail as if it were a vital organ.

I did it for myself and my family.

I did it for you and your family.

Relax and breathe

We realise that today's pace can be very hectic, stressful, and overwhelming. Finding the time to stop and breathe easy is getting harder and harder. Places that allow us to connect with our inner peace are vital to our physical and mental health. Our Oasis induces you to relax and live the only thing that is important: the present moment.

Inhale, Exhale.


villas con piscina privada
villas con piscina privada


I trust in the path we have chosen and in the signs that from the bottom of my heart I experience every morning. Everything we can do to contribute to a kinder world is comforting.

We are a new construction with a very old soul, full of values and principles by which we move every day:

Respect, love, freedom, peace for everything and everything that surrounds us.

villas de lujo
villas de lujo

El Nawal

The Oasis of Fuerteventura